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Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme
Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme is a multi-purpose eCommerce WordPress theme used by over 4,000 users worldwide. You can add some place holder text here. So, back to the Exercise Files. Let's open up the Ch01 folder. Let's double-click on the placeholder.rtf file. For the main section, let's come in here. Select this place holder copy. Let's hit Command + C to copy this to the clipboard. Switch back over to our layout. Let's space our content out here. Now, with this content selected, let's come over here and change the font to Open Sans. We'll leave this regular. We'll leave it black.

Version 2.1.4
— 16 March, 2016
Visual Composer updated to version 4.11 (How to update?)
Visual Composer updates are no longer dependant on theme updates so you can get them as soon as they're released;
TGM Library Update;

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme layouts
Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme woocommerce theme
We're also going to center of Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme. And then with these styles in place, let's come over here. Let's add a New Text Style. We'll call this body-centered. Then press Return. Then I'll just move this up here a little bit. So, now, with our first content block set up, I'm going to move the art board over a little bit.

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