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Photography Portfolio, Blog & Shop for Creatives - Free Download

Photography Portfolio, Blog & Shop for Creatives
Photography Portfolio, Blog & Shop for Creatives theme ideal for anything that is related to photography or creativity, should it be portfolio, blog, shop, we have you covered. Photography Portfolio, Blog & Shop for Creatives come down here and set the size to 48. And then down here for line spacing we'll set this to 44. Then I'll come in here, select this and just move this around a little bit. Next we'll add a text block for the button. So back to insert.Come down and choose Text. Click and drag We're going to say, Get advice from designers.

UPDATE Version 3.1.1 - March 9th, 2016
Fixed issue on mobile when left panel button still appear even when the left panel has been removed, also if left panel is removed - right panel will load by default
Fixed issue which might caused a blank screen
Improved mobile look and feel of the left panel and map
You can set custom loading animation on every page
Fixed thumbnails “more” button appearing when there is no more images to load
Fixed jagged zooming effect
Fixed squared call to action buttons on contact page
Fixed hiding of “grid settings” button
Improved lightbox caption and button layout on mobile
Fixed possible child theme issues with acf fields
Fixed social icons issue on mobile when scrolling
Added child theme fix
We'll set the size back down to 20, set the line height down to 27. And we'll select this. Position this about right here. Let's also come over here and set the alignment to Centered. Then we'll come over here and make a border for this. So back to the Insert Panel, let's come down to our Rectangle tool. Let's click and drag and draw a rectangle.

Photography Portfolio, Blog & Shop for Creatives detail
Photography Portfolio, Blog & Shop for Creatives 5 star
Let's uncheck the Fill properties. And again, we can used the trash can just to get rid of that completely. Then back to Borders, click on the Color Swatch. Make this white. Press return. We can change the thickness here if we wanted too. I'm going to leave this at one. So now I'm going to grab the border, I'm going to align this to the left hand side. Then we'll grab the text inside. The text will sort of stick or snap to this shape here.

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