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Realty - Unique Real Estate WordPress Theme - Free Download

Realty - Unique Real Estate WordPress Theme
Realty - Unique Real Estate WordPress Theme is the most flexible and beautiful real estate wordpress theme on the market. It’s the perfect choice for independent real estate agents, agencies and anyone else in-between, to showcase any kind of property online. Then I'll come up to the Type menu.We'll come down and choose Convert Text to Outlines. Now once you do this, you might notice right away that we're getting some strange text or path behaviors here where we have some of our characters overlapping.

UPDATE Realty 2.4.3 - Feb 23, 2016
  • NEW Featured Properties Shortcode "Normal" and "Carousel" option with locations, status and type filters
  • NEW Vertical Map Search Listing Mouseover And Marker Highlighty
  • NEW Contact Form Mail To Agents/Owners and CC to admin
  • NEW Testimonial Vertical Layout Shortcode
  • NEW Single Property Page Gallery Header Custom Options
  • NEW Hide Selected Additional Fields on Property Page
  • NEW Sample Image For Listing When No Image
  • NEW Theme Option to Show/Hide Single property page map
  • IMPROVED Slideshow Template Remove Drag For Single Slide
  • IMPROVED Search Form Additional Fields Extra Label Option
  • IMPROVED Property Listing Hide Type and Status Theme Option
  • IMPROVED Contact Details on Header Clickable
  • IMPROVED Agent Template Page Content Enabled
  • FIXED Enable RTL Breaks Search Form and Page Horizontal Scroll
  • FIXED Property Submit Notification Does Not Work
  • FIXED Single Property Page Slideshow Thumbnails are not Synced with Slides
  • FIXED Front End Property Edit Agent Cannot Add files/images
  • FIXED Membership- Update Listings On Property Update
  • FIXED Membership Listings Updates On Property Deletion
  • FIXED Membership Free Package Issue/One Subscription For Free
  • FIXED Fixed Header Boxed Layout Width Issue
  • FIXED Video Post Thumbnail Widget issue
  • FIXED Price Range Slider Decimal Issue
  • FIXED Contact Page Empty Address JS Issue
  • FIXED ACF Field Labels Does not show up in search For some devices
  • FIXED Property listing Shortcode Grid and List view Option
  • FIXED Map Drag on mobiles and tabs
  • FIXED Template User Login/ Register success notifications
  • FIXED Single Property Page Agent Information
  • FIXED Stripe Payment SSL and Stripe keys space issue
  • FIXED Stripe Conflict With Other Stripe Plugins
  • FIXED Paypal Payments Issues

Realty - Unique Real Estate WordPress Theme-intro
In the Layers panel, if I toggle this open, we can see all of the vector shapes for all of these individual characters. If we come in here and click once, we'll get all of the elements selected together. If you double click on one of the items, you can select the actual shape of the characters that are part of this group. So here I have the first letter e selected. Now, if I move this around, you'll see that this will intersect with all of the other vectors and it will create a white negative space anywhere these are overlapping. Now while this could be an interesting technique for certain types of artwork, what I want to have is the artwork grouped, or united together, so that I don't see the negative white spaces here.

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