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Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme v5.0.8.1 Free Download

Jupiter - featured img
When building a new custom wordpress website , it's important to start out right. In this post, we're going to set up the new website with Jupiter - Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme theme, This theme including alot of demo. This theme is a perfect solution for all kinds of businesses from corporations, shop owners and small businesses to startups, artists and bloggers. Jupiter WordPress Theme Developed by an elite author, Artbees currently boasting over 30,000 sales. I always like to start with the metadata to make my freshly downloaded version of underscores truly my own. Now you'll remember when we first created this new custom theme from Jupiter - Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme 

easy to buildThe theme is simple yet powerful, with highly customizable features with powerful HTML5 technology and impressive, beautiful Parallax visual effects, allowing for amazing static websites and single page websites that are full of features and user interaction, with engaging hovering and scrolling effects as well. With Plugin drag and drop page builder, you can use for creating layout pages with no coding required. Here I will find my custom theme,Jupiter, is currently active, and if I click on theme details, I get all that metainformation. Here I have the screenshot of this Multi-Purpose theme.
50 + style
With over 30,000 active users, Jupiter business wordpress theme gives you the power to create a unique-looking website with an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder that’s fully responsive, retina-ready, and SEO-optimised. On top of that, Jupiter comes equipped with the WooCommerce plugin to help give your business the exposure it needs by opening an online shop. You can also choose from 50+ business website templates as a quick start.

Flatsome | Responsive WooCommerce Theme v2.8.5 Free Download

Flatsome - featured img
The theme is created by UX-themes Flatsome | Responsive WooCommerce Theme Free Download is a clean powerful and simple WordPress theme that you can absolutely use for publishing your your product. This theme is very rudimentary, and there is more information we can add to the theme and more information we need to augment once the theme goes live. It includes  an enhanced powerful  plugin Visual Composer and customization tools that you can use for designing your landing page and ensuring that your product gets the spotlight. To help introduce your company and its work, Flatsome theme includes special templates for publishing client testimonials, completed projects, and key information about the services you provide. What you'll also see is that some of this theme needs to be updated.

Few site use flatsome theme
Flatsome - rentinaMost importantly, Flatsome is WooCommerce compatible to help you set up a decent online store for your business. We can change this theme to point to the actual placewhere you can find the theme itself.
Flatsome responsive
Flatsome - smart checkout
Flatsome is a beautiful responsive theme inspired by modern eCommerce designs.
We’re a WooCommerce-only company that loves eCommerce and WordPress. We want your shop to look amazing and be loved by your customers! They can simply create a new translation file that hooks into this text domain and automatically translates all the strings. I'll explain this further when we get to text strings that need to be translated, but just keep in mind that the text domain in our theme.

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme v7.0.7 Free Download

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme is very flexible simply invitingand powerful WordPress theme for blog, portfolio, photography site, freelancers or studios. Salient is very quickly for draw your attention to the table of contents. The styles in Salient theme are very sparse, and we're laid out in a very logical way so we're easy to work with. And as we work through the control panel, we'll be adding more content to the style sheet, and therefore more content to the table of contents. The table of contents makes it easy to navigate through the style sheet. This theme is ready for WordPress 4.4+ and comes with a fully responsive layout that runs smoothly on any types of devices. This theme is easy to customizer for live theme options, a beautiful parallax header image, custom logo, sharp typography, and looks amazing on mobile devices.

Porto | Responsive WordPress + WooCommerce Theme Free Download

Porto is an Responsive Wordpress + Woocommerce Theme that is very flexible and friendly. This theme would be fonts that are supported by most devices. However, with the modern web comes web fonts where we can supply the browser with the custom fonts that are used for different content on our pages. Typography and fonts are integral to creating great designs and whenever I design a new theme I always start with a great font and then build everything around them.
Porto | Responsive WordPress + WooCommerce Theme is built on Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3, and powerful AJAX portfolio filtering, making it a perfect themefor all sorts of eCommerce websites across a wide range of industries.

KLEO – Next level WordPress Theme Free Download

KLEO – Next level WordPress Theme is a one of the popular multi-purpose BuddyPress WordPress theme. With this theme all we have to do is save this, go back to the browser and reload the page. You see the site icon appear up here in place of the letter. To make sure it still works  we can see the site header is a pretty good match for my original designs, but there's one last thing we need to dobefore we can wrap up this chapter. You'll remember I mentioned that in my designs I want the full header, the one that displays both the site title and the tagline, only displays on the front page.

KLEO – Next level WordPress Theme is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. This is evident from the range of home page configurations you can choose from when setting up your website. Of course you are free to create your own home page layout and design, and thanks to the included page builder tool, this shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge. We can display the site icon in the top lefthand corner and the menu on wider screens.Normally when we think of removing content from a web browser, we think about making a conditional statement that wraps around everything and then, if we go to a certain page, then that content simply will not load. However, that is not a very accessible solution.

Style Magazine Blogger Template - Free Blogspot templates

Style-Magazine Blogger Template-blogspot-templates
Style Magazine Blogger Template is a clean and simple Blogger templates that you can use for a flexible Blogspot magazine. Normally when we think of removing content from a web browser, we think about making a conditional statement that wraps around everything and then, if we go to a certain page, then that content simply will not load. However, that is not a very accessible solution. It is very responsive to different types of devices such as desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Sevida - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template - Free Download

Sevida - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template - Free Download
You see, if someone comes to the site and they are using an accessibility device, like a text-to-speech browser or some other tool, rather than a screen, they won't necessarily see what they're missing. So, for those people, and for Google and other things, we're gonna leave all the content in place and simply hide it using the screen reader text class. Sevida - Responsive Magazine Blogger Template is the premium responsive blog and magazine template for Blogger fans. Sevida is fast to install and easy customize blogger templates . This theme allows site owners to extend their news on page so they could effectively showcase This template shows you how cool and flexible Blogspot magazine template can be.

SNews - News/Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme - Free Download

SNews - NewsMagazine Responsive Blogger Theme - Free Download
SNews is the most efficient blogger templates. With SNews - News/Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme, you will be able to create an impressive magazine , news editorial, newspaper website. Well, it does not collapse completely right now because we still have the menu there, but once we trigger the menu to disappear and move down to a button on the bottom, the header will collapse completely, and we're left with just the site icon in the top lefthand corner, which is precisely what we want. And many extraordinary features were included, along with a cool design that will never become outdated.

Apriezt - Responsive Magazine/News Blogger Theme - Free Download

Apriezt - Responsive MagazineNews Blogger Theme - Free Download
Apriezt a blogger templates with the full header displays, responsive layout and two style Boxed or Full width. Its just being hidden from our visual browser,but there's an obvious problem. This looks really strange right now. That's because we have yet to work with the menu, but it's also because this header bar needs to be bigger on wider screens. So I'm gonna go into style.css and make a small change. Its design simple and clean and perfect for News, Magazine or portofolio websites. With an attractive color combination and impressed professionals and has many features.

Ovation - News/Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme - Free Download

Ovation - NewsMagazine Responsive Blogger Theme - Free Download
Ovation is the most efficient blogger templates for your magazine , news editorial, newspaper website. It has a lot of option that magazine website need. With its awesome blog options, you can now blog in style. Simply choose between masonry and classic blog layout. This is also much simpler than trying to hide all the content. So let me show you how that's done. First of all, we need to decide what we're going to hide. Looking back on the page, you see we want to keep our side icon, and we want to keep the nav down here. So the only thing we really want to hide are these two elements, the site title and the site tagline, and you'll remember that the site title and site tagline are wrapped inside this div for the class site-branding.

Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme - v1.2 - Free Download

Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme featured
Most WordPress sites are built to be able to publish single posts. Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme is very easy to setup, enhanced with Massive PanelVisual Composer and custom shortcode wizard. This combination makes creating content extremely easy. Now that we have our header sorted out, we can turn our attention to the single-post template, and make sure all the content posted on the site is easy to read, easy to navigate, and looks great. As we start working with a single post, we need to work with real content, and this is where the theme unit test data comes in. In this chapter, I'll be using three posts to test my content.
UPDATE 06/10/2015 -v1.2
IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.7.4
IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.3.1
IMPROVED: Security
IMPROVED: Plugins Installation
UPDATED: Theme Metadata
ADDED: Parallax with Video support
FIXED: Rare issue on Page/Post save

Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme
Example wordpress theme is fully responsive. It looks good on any resolutions and across all devices. It’s retina display ready. We manage to give user the same experience everywhere. Markup: HTML Tags and Formatting, which displays all the html tags and all the formatting options a user can insert into a WordPress post. Image Alignment, which shows us all the different ways we can display images in a post, both in terms of alignment, and with and without image captions.

University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme - Free Download

University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme is elegant, customizable, easy, and clear WordPress theme. UOCE theme provides stunning features for creating Online Courses, Teams, Events, Galleries and many more for your institute. The theme is a complete courses management system where you can create online courses such as, Courses Schedule, Descriptions, Pricing Options and Courses Features. It is the easiest theme to set look & feel as per your choice. Another astonishing feature Theme is fully compatible with latest SEO techniques. UOCE theme is flexible and have bundle of theme customization options to style your site as per your desire. Also, it can be translated in any language of your choice through WPML plugin.

 University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme - Free Download
 University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme - Free Download
 University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme - Free Download
When I develop themes I like to start at the top and work my way down identifying individual items and treating them as separate components. I build a correct markup for each component first then apply styles to it to make it look the way I want. Comparing the current single template with my design drafts you can see there are some substantive differences in the header section of my post. In the design draft we see the title, a deck, then the meta section with an avatar, the author name, publishing date and then either a number of comments or a request to comment.

Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog Theme v5.5.3 Free Download

Sahifa v5.5.3  is a clean and modern WordPress theme that you can use for publishing a news, magazine or review website.This is a very flexible product, able work with almost any news website. Like Newspaper theme, it is built with clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that your website will be able to keep up with the newest trends in web design.
Sahifa comes with a lot of capability for customization.You’re provided with several designs for comparison pages, post formats and top posts, as well as more than ten content blocks for the home page and plenty of header customization options. Shortcodes galore give you even more customization ability.
UPDATE v5.5.3 - 28-01-2016
Fixed: PHP notices in the update notifier module.
UPDATE v5.5.2 - 27-01-2016
The theme is now WooCommerce 2.5 ready. - improved: Theme Updates notifier.
Fixed: Flat share styling issue.
Fixed: Breaking News set animation type bug.
Fixed: Some PHP notices.
Fixed: WooCommerce LightBox bug for single product image.
And other improvements and minor bug fixes.

Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog Theme
Loaded with the latest and most useful functionality, the Sahifa responsive WordPress theme combines practical elegance with powerful features. Retina-ready and designed specifically for use across a broad array of devices and platforms, the versatile and customizable theme continues to be a resoundingly popular choice for blogs, news, and magazines
HOw To Install theme

GoodStore - WooCommerce Theme

GoodStore - WooCommerce Theme
Our customers who love our modern beautiful design made with Good Store responsive shopping theme a plenty of trendy and reliable online stores with goods like: clothing, electronics, lingerie, shoes, books, womens fashion, furniture, jewelry, pet supplies, tablets & mobil, perfumes, computers, musical instruments, etc.

Anona - Pest Control WordPress Theme

Anona - Pest Control WordPress Theme
Anona - Pest Control WordPress Theme is a powerful and responsive Pest Control WordPress Theme ever with pretty much advanced features for specially Pest Services. What I would say to a lot of those people is to be patient, right? Is that you can't, for some people, straight out of the gate you will find a job that you love and that's fantastic. But I think that thinking about your career goals as a long-term strategic thing to work on is probably the most helpful. Taking positions that will either build out your skill set, or be at organizations that you tangentially want to be involved in is also really important.
UPDATE v3.1.0 : 27th November 2015
Added : Shortcode for [appointment_addr] - Appointment address
Added : Shortcode for [appointment_note] - Appointment instructions
Added : Description/Note field on Appointments Page
Updated : TGM CLass Activation Hooks

Anona - Pest Control WordPress Theme
We also wanna make sure that we don't get too complicated or too crazy with things like rounded corners, gradients, blend modes, all kinds of this stuff, because if it is going to be vectors SVG, for instance, some of that will get dropped, because it won't be supported. So these are things you need to test, if you're going to save out as SVG, for instance. Another thing to consider and to think about, let me move over here, is if I happen to have a logo right here, like this one right here, this is actually a vector smart object. I don't know how many of you work in Illustrator and then try and bring vector content into Photoshop, but if you paste or place as a smart object any Illustrator content, and we take that object, I can do it over here in the layers panel, for instance, right click on it, I can export that as SVG.

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme
Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme is a comprehensive Wordpress theme for widespread use. It will works good as a News Website, or in categories like: Fashion, Sport, Design, Games Themes, Games, Tech, Technology, Travel, Dark, Politics Magazine or Blog. I think that if you have values that are progressive, or you have values that are philanthropic, finding a way to incorporate that into your work world is really crucial just to everyday happiness and to success. On the topic of bringing your full self to work, if you were giving advice to somebody who was just starting out, how would they go about doing that? How would they go about finding a job where they feel like they can bring their full selves to work? - I think that starting out in the workplace is getting increasingly and increasingly, it's a very hard endeavor.

Hotmagazine UPDATE v2.0.2 on07.03.2016

+ Fix some notices in backend 
+ Fix "Qk Top Carousel" Element 
+ Fix single page issue 
+ Update Theme Options for Blog 
+ Fix some "QK element" 
+ Improve performance

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme
It's really a place that is very exciting right now. Do you think it's important for web professionals to do work that aligns with their personal values? - I do think that it is important. Or, I guess maybe I would say it this way. I think that it's important to bring your full self to work every single day. I've found in all the different iterations of work that I've done, that the happiest I've been is when I'm able to be emotionally and physically just very invested in the work that I do.

Insurance Agency - Business and Insurance WP Theme

Insurance Agency - Business and Insurance WP Theme
Insurance Agency - Business and Insurance WP Theme is a Clean and responsive WordPress theme for insurance business, insurance agent or similar website. One page or multi page website. Premium Slider Revolution plugin and drag and drop page builder. In a program like Adobe Photoshop, what we really wanna do is we wanna use the vector drawing tools to be able to create vector artwork. This way, if we are gonna use these as, let's say, page objects, if we're gonna create them in a code later on, like a, you or a developer, they'll know that that's going to be something like a div or an object that they can create with HTML and CSS, perhaps, or if it's, let's say, a logo, or an object that you need to create, like this iPad, or one of these icons, you wanna try and draw it or create it with the vector drawing tools.

Insurance Agency - Business and Insurance WP Theme
If we use, for instance, like we're gonna create a mobile version, let me get rid of that, we're gonna create a mobile version of this, and what I can do in Photoshop, which is great, is we can actually create multiple art boards, right? So in later versions of Photoshop CC, we can have these different art boards, and suppose that I wanna have an art board now that shows something like a typical hamburger menu. Well, instead of going in and creating a layer, and then doing something like this, like creating a selection and filling it with a color, and doing it that way, we wanna make sure that we use vector objects or vector shapes.

Chicago - Restaurant, Cafe, Bar and Bistro Theme

Chicago - Restaurant, Cafe, Bar and Bistro Theme
Chicago theme is a complete website solutions wordpress theme for your Restaurant, Bar, Bistro and Cafe business. However it’s so versatile that you can use it for everything you want (corporate website, portfolio) The layout looks beautiful at any size, be it a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile or tablets.When designing for performance, another area we look at in our artwork is vector art, or also saving as SVG. Whenever we can, we want to use vector content, which is shapes and, you know, different things that can be resized. The great thing about that vector is we can actually save it out as SVG, along with other formats and different things.

Chicago - Restaurant, Cafe, Bar and Bistro Theme intro
It's a vector image format for the web, which essentially means it is vector, what you see, which is awesome. There's no plugin required. You can create this out of all kinds of programs, like Illustrator or Photoshop. It's got a relatively small file size, compared to, say JPEG or PING of the same type of image. That's essentially because it's XML code that we can also compress.

Trendy - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Trendy - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Trendy is a multi-purpose, clean, creative, fully responsive and powerful WordPress Theme. Our theme has included multiple header layouts, Revolution Slider plugin, drag & drop visual page builder (Visual Composer), powerful theme options panel, video backgrounds, parallax, many elements, 600+ Google Font and more. But if you've built connections with people with whom you share interests and you show up in a real way then helping them out in some way is a great opportunity to show them what you're made of. And that's how you build the kind of trust that generates meaningful referrals. It's not rocket science but when we get into career building mode, sometimes we forget that it can be that simple and to stick with what feels right for us. That's it for this week's Web Career Clinic. Tune in next time as I explore another topic for web professionals.

Enar - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Enar - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Enar is the first design-driven Multipurpose WordPress Theme with great attention to details, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites. Now you're gonna see a series of fonts in here. These are fonts that are meant for different operating systems, different machines, different browsers, whatever. That support each one of these. If you want to use a font yourself, on your website. You can't just grab any OpenType font and say, "Here, browser. "Here, web. "Use this font." We have to actually create these different versions or different file formats to get them to work. A lot of these services will actually give you the OpenType font. You can just simply double-click.

Enar - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Screen
Enar - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Intro
Enar - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme admin
That way you can use it. I've already done that. If you don't see an OpenType, you can try TrueType font or TTF. You can install that by double-clicking usually. And that will allow you to use it in your program. Now I'm in Photoshop here but you can be in just about any application to use these once they're installed 'cause they're a font. What I can then do is go to the Type tool, for instance and I'll click and drag a box. Get it up here, for instance. I want to put some Social icons in here.