Thứ Năm, 17 tháng 3, 2016

KLEO – Next level WordPress Theme Free Download

KLEO – Next level WordPress Theme is a one of the popular multi-purpose BuddyPress WordPress theme. With this theme all we have to do is save this, go back to the browser and reload the page. You see the site icon appear up here in place of the letter. To make sure it still works  we can see the site header is a pretty good match for my original designs, but there's one last thing we need to dobefore we can wrap up this chapter. You'll remember I mentioned that in my designs I want the full header, the one that displays both the site title and the tagline, only displays on the front page.

KLEO – Next level WordPress Theme is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. This is evident from the range of home page configurations you can choose from when setting up your website. Of course you are free to create your own home page layout and design, and thanks to the included page builder tool, this shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge. We can display the site icon in the top lefthand corner and the menu on wider screens.Normally when we think of removing content from a web browser, we think about making a conditional statement that wraps around everything and then, if we go to a certain page, then that content simply will not load. However, that is not a very accessible solution.

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