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Flatsome | Responsive WooCommerce Theme v2.8.5 Free Download

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The theme is created by UX-themes Flatsome | Responsive WooCommerce Theme Free Download is a clean powerful and simple WordPress theme that you can absolutely use for publishing your your product. This theme is very rudimentary, and there is more information we can add to the theme and more information we need to augment once the theme goes live. It includes  an enhanced powerful  plugin Visual Composer and customization tools that you can use for designing your landing page and ensuring that your product gets the spotlight. To help introduce your company and its work, Flatsome theme includes special templates for publishing client testimonials, completed projects, and key information about the services you provide. What you'll also see is that some of this theme needs to be updated.

Few site use flatsome theme
Flatsome - rentinaMost importantly, Flatsome is WooCommerce compatible to help you set up a decent online store for your business. We can change this theme to point to the actual placewhere you can find the theme itself.
Flatsome responsive
Flatsome - smart checkout
Flatsome is a beautiful responsive theme inspired by modern eCommerce designs.
We’re a WooCommerce-only company that loves eCommerce and WordPress. We want your shop to look amazing and be loved by your customers! They can simply create a new translation file that hooks into this text domain and automatically translates all the strings. I'll explain this further when we get to text strings that need to be translated, but just keep in mind that the text domain in our theme.

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