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Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme - v1.2 - Free Download

Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme featured
Most WordPress sites are built to be able to publish single posts. Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme is very easy to setup, enhanced with Massive PanelVisual Composer and custom shortcode wizard. This combination makes creating content extremely easy. Now that we have our header sorted out, we can turn our attention to the single-post template, and make sure all the content posted on the site is easy to read, easy to navigate, and looks great. As we start working with a single post, we need to work with real content, and this is where the theme unit test data comes in. In this chapter, I'll be using three posts to test my content.
UPDATE 06/10/2015 -v1.2
IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.7.4
IMPROVED: Wordpress 4.3.1
IMPROVED: Security
IMPROVED: Plugins Installation
UPDATED: Theme Metadata
ADDED: Parallax with Video support
FIXED: Rare issue on Page/Post save

Example - Responsive & Retina Portfolio WP Theme
Example wordpress theme is fully responsive. It looks good on any resolutions and across all devices. It’s retina display ready. We manage to give user the same experience everywhere. Markup: HTML Tags and Formatting, which displays all the html tags and all the formatting options a user can insert into a WordPress post. Image Alignment, which shows us all the different ways we can display images in a post, both in terms of alignment, and with and without image captions.

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