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Berger - WordPress Creative Agency Portfolio Theme

And this will position in relation to the citation because earlier for the citation we set a position of absolute. That means any item set or positioned inside of this citation will be positioned in relation to this item. And then after the position property let's set a top property of zero pixels. And a left property of zero pixels. Berger is a creative masonry portfolio showcase wordpress theme for agency, graphic designer, freelancer, photography. Berger - WordPress Creative Agency Portfolio Theme is a modern layout with parallax effects. Utilising the power of HTML5 and CSS3, it brings you a beautiful design with an extremely lightweight code, which enables fast loading times.
Berger - WordPress Creative Agency Portfolio Theme review
So now with the photograph being brought in and positioned, in order to get this to not overlap with the type let's go back to the blockquote cite. Let's add a property of padding-left and we'll set this to 60 pixels.And now we can see in the preview area, the tag no longer overlaps the photo. So now that we have our pull quote styled, next we'll add in some rules for small screens to remove the float and keep any type from wrapping around the pull quote.

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