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Kause - Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Kause - Multi Purpose WordPress Theme
Now in order for the pseudo-element to show up, we need to define the content property. We're going to put two tick marks, then a semicolon. Kause - Multi Purpose WordPress Theme is a super flexible WordPress theme designed for churches, charities, sporting clubs and non-profit websites. It uses parallax scrolling in a way that looks fresh but not overwhelming, which is good because the real goal is to bring attention to your product, not your fancy moving website.We're going to leave this blank. Next line we're going to set a display type of block. Then a space. We're going to set a width property of 50 pixels.
Kause - Multi Purpose WordPress Theme by canon
The photo that we're going to bring in is a square, so we'll set the height to 50 pixels as well. Then on the next line we'll set a background property. We'll use shorthand style here. The first value is color, but we're going to leave the color blank. Then we'll specify url with our parenthesis. Then we need to set the background size, and we'll set that to contain. That way the graphic will conform to the height and width that we already set. And in the preview we can see that photo's been brought in, so on the next line let's position this. So we'll set position to absolute.

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