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Lovely - Elegant & Simple Blog Theme

For you, it's probably going to look something like this. Initially, the first choice you have to make comes right here in the top left corner. Lovely – Elegant & Simple Blog Theme is carefully designed & fashion focused premium wordpress themeDo you want a fluid width website or do you want a fixed width website? This is a big choice,because this is going to determine exactly how things behave inside of your website going forward.Fluid width and fixed width are two very different things. You'll notice when I hover over it, it tells me here I would choose fixed width to create a static layout that does not resize, or a fluid width to create a layout that does resize to the browser window.
Lovely - Elegant & Simple Blog Theme review
Basically, a static your website is one that when you change the size of a browser window, nothing moves. Everything stays as it was, as it was designed. If you had something on the page that was 950 pixels wide, it's going to stay 950 pixels wide. If you choose fluid width, that meansthat everything on the page is fluid. It can move, it can change wordpress theme to adapt to different browsers that might be opening it up. So this is what we choose when we want to do a responsive design. So I'm going to stick with fluid width for now.

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