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Time Travel - Timeline WordPress Theme - Free Download

Time Travel - Timeline WordPress Theme
Time Travel – Timeline WordPress Theme is a next generation wordpress theme website, developed both on the edge of technology and design. In this same vein, what we want to do in a lot of these programs is we want to be able to convey responsive design. This can cut down in the number of elements you use and potentially make loading faster, we can use Artboards.  I can go and click on a plus and create another Artboard for myself. This Artboard then can change size, orientation, and more. That makes it so we can have different sizes, different orientations in the same Photoshop file, allowing us to work a little bit smarter.
Time Travel - Timeline WordPress Theme - Free Download
Something else we want to do is we want to maintain consistency. If you're going to use a font, let's say a font right up here, instead of using Bebas Neue Regular, Bebas Neue Condensed, Bebas Neue, you know Condensed Italic, you know all these, like 15 different versions of a single font, we're going to try and be a little more consistent with our formatting. That's going to cut down on the number of fonts that load,how things work across the site as a matter of fact. We're also going to try and make sure that the colors we use are consistent. I can't tell you how many times I've been to a site and I come to an object like this gray box right here and if I go and look at it and look at the color, it might be a different shade or different RGB value than the same gray box further down the page.

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